Creating a world of goodness,
backing Women in Business


PomRed propels women
entrepreneurs from around the globe, helping them build their businesses and market their products - bringing brands and people together to affect positive change for women in
business and create a world of

2% of all PomRed sales

go back to communities around the world, to help educate our children, advance women in business
and effect positive change
for a healthier planet.


When people get, we give.


Innovative product ideas that add value to our lives and have a positive environmental impact
on the planet.


A business engine fueled with international marketing, sales, financial and operational experience to support women in business and turn ideas, brands and other
ventures into thriving

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Interested in PomRed supporting,
backing and growing your
business or brand?

Backing women in business to help advance their brands and amplify their stories

Passion, Power, Purpose

Within every pomegranate, are juicy red seeds that pack a punch of goodness… that, is PomRed. And doing good, is what we are all about.

Advancing women in business, introducing their innovative products and services globally, supporting their businesses, sharing their stories to an interested audience and creating a whole lot of goodness along the way.

With PomRed,
everyone plays a part in giving back.

when you purchase, PomRed puts 2% of all sales towards educating our children and advancing women in business.

Are you or do you know someone with a great product or business that could benefit through PomRed?

  • Seed of Goodness

“If women were to participate in the economy identically to men, they could add as much as $28 trillion or 26 percent to annual global GDP in 2025. This is roughly the combined size of the economies of the United States and China today.”

— McKinsey Global Institute (MGI)

PomRed Creators

Read their stories and support their brands

Mary’s Story

Leilei’s Story

Rati’s Story

  • Seed of Goodness

“When we invest in women and girls we are investing in the people who invest in everyone else.”

— Melinda Gates

Founders’ Stories

We hope you like what you’ve learned so far about the purpose of PomRed.
But you might be wondering who’s steering this ship and
why are we doing what we do? So here are our stories.

They tell you why we’re qualified with the skills, experience and know-how to help women in business. We speak from the heart about why we’re
choosing to channel our expertise to not only be better, but to do better.






  • Seed of Goodness

“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands — one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.”

— Audrey Hepburn

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