Coffee Tables

Our coffee tables are strong, sustainable, and above all stylish.

Here at staxxiom™, we believe in creating high-quality, sustainable furniture that is also easy to assemble. All of our pieces are modular and snap together without the need for any tools. If you are looking for durable, environmentally friendly furniture of any kind, we encourage you to check out our selection. For example, we offer great coffee tables that work with any design.

Our zion coffee tables are ideal for living rooms, playrooms, home offices, and more. This stylish piece features minimalistic design inspired by midcentury modernism. On top of that, our coffee tables are built to last, using durable materials and a patented click-to-connect system that ensures everything stays in place. You can stack your books, magazines, remotes, game controllers, and of course coffee cups on this table without any worries. Our furniture also snaps together in minutes, with no need for complex instructions or specialized tools. This design consists of just three main pieces—the tabletop and two interlocking leg panels—so there’s no possible way you could mess it up.

We prioritize sustainability in every part of our design and manufacturing process, sourcing sustainable materials and using CNC precision cutting to minimize waste. If you want to reduce your environmental impact but also want stylish, modern furniture, turn to us.

We are committed to providing easy-to-assemble furniture that anyone would be proud to show off in their home. If you are interested in our coffee tables, check out our online store to shop now!


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