Side Tables

Our modern, sustainable side tables are the ideal choice for any space.

Incorporating side tables into your interior decor will go a long way toward making your space more functional and comfortable. For example, side tables offer an ideal place to set down your drink while sitting on the couch, as well as a great place to put a reading lamp or other fixture. If you are looking for modern side tables to complete your space, we at staxxiom™ encourage you to check out our online store. Our denali accent cabinets, in particular, make ideal side tables.

Our furniture offers many great benefits that make them appeal to everyone. First, they are designed to be easy to assemble—each piece consists of fewer than six panels with just four fasteners to snap them into place. Assembly is so easy, you’ll barely need the instructions. Our side tables, for example, consist of just five panels and can be assembled in minutes. In addition, we use eco-friendly materials and manufacturing methods to ensure that we preserve the environment as much as possible. We make sure that all the materials, adhesives, and finishes we use come from sustainable, ethical sources, and we also do our best to minimize material waste.

If you are interested in adding stylish furniture with a midcentury flair to your space, we encourage you to check out our store. We offer high-quality side tables, TV stands, coffee tables, stools, and more, and we are confident that you’ll like what you see.


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